Demystifying Ganesh Acharya Weight Loss

ganesh acharya

We get inspired when actors, actresses or anyone in the Bollywood industry loses weight and looks more fit and healthy. We make it a point to follow their health regime. Adnan Sami and Ram Kapoor have inspired people to stay fit and healthy through their routines and now the latest on the block is Ganesh Acharya who lost 98 kgs of weight as shared by him on The Kapil Sharma Show. Initially, his weight was 200 kgs. 

The choreographer who undergoes his training with fitness trainer Ajay Naidu shows that commitment and hard work can help in achieving an individual’s goal. When Ganesh was working on his song in Housefull 3, it impacted his knee and he thought it was high time for him to lose weight.

Though he really wanted to lose weight and show a different version of himself to the world the first two months were very challenging for him. He now shares pictures and videos of his intense workout on Instagram. The choreographer, who has got a National Award for Best Choreography says that weight loss made him feel the difference. 

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