How Will the Greater Amount of Choice Affect Bollywood Productions?

There’s no denying the popularity of Bollywood films in India – the industry churns out more than 1000 offerings every year, after all. However, few people watch them in cinemas, which is why the revenue of the industry is overshadowed by Hollywood in an approximate 8:2 ratio.

Many viewers watch the movies when they hit television screens and have little choice on what they see. However, with the availability of streaming services on the rise, audiences have a much greater amount of choice in what they watch. This could influence how film producers plan their releases.

Viewers Now Have Numerous Platforms on Which to Watch Bollywood

The way people view films is changing, and simply watching what television networks have decided you should watch is a thing of the past. Yes, some people still watch Indian TV, but more people than ever are getting online and choosing streaming options. Around 50 per cent of Indians have access to the internet now, and this is increasing every year. 96 per cent of internet users go online for entertainment, meaning that many Bollywood films are now watched in this manner.

Various companies have emerged in India to give users a vast amount of choice when it comes to watching films. Along with global powerhouses like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there are also services that are more specifically aimed towards people on the subcontinent. These include Disney Hotstar and Aha.

Entertainment is Changing – Many Indians Now Pay for Products

The entertainment industry in India has clearly adapted to the rise of the internet, and the payment methods to access entertainment are different as well. In the days before people were online, there was little need for digital payment methods. Nowadays, though, internet surfers need to adopt online payment methods to pay for products and services online.

One of the most popular pastimes online is gaming, and this has helped push the rise of payment platforms. This is because gaming sites come with diverse payments to appeal to as many people as possible. One of the top systems that emerged is Astropay, which is one of the fastest-growing methods of transaction. There are so many Astropay casino India options to choose from, and the ways to sign up are simple. Players can even get access to bonuses when they use Astropay to join.

Film Producers May Have to Opt for Quality over Quantity

Because internet users are accustomed to accessing content online with these payment systems, they may be more inclined to pay for streaming services. When they do, they are faced with an almost unlimited number of options for Bollywood films. This allows them to zone in on the films that interest them most.

This may cause film producers in the country to change their methods. In the past, Bollywood has opted for quantity over quality. But now, filmmakers may need to do more research into their target audience and take more time in making quality offerings that will appeal to them.

There’s no doubt that the film industry is changing. Bollywood producers will need to place a greater focus on streaming services in the future and will have to present high-quality productions to compete with the vast amount of choice on these platforms.

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